How to Withdraw Money from Mdisk? | Complete Withdrawl Process 2022 | Step by Step

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A lot of people across the web are using a new video sharing and earning tool called Mdisk. Mdisk is a good way to earn money and even hundreds of people are still earning money from Mdisk. However, this money will be of no use until the money you earned from mdisk is in your Bank Account. Mdisk Money Withdrawl Process is very easy and simple. Money from Mdisk can be withdrawn within a few taps on your Telegram App. In this post titled How to Withdraw Money from Mdisk, we will explain to you in detail that how to withdraw money from mdisk after you have attained or matched a certain threshold.

how to withdraw money from mdisk
how to withdraw money from mdisk

Before we move on further we must know What is Mdisk? Mdisk, like pdisk, is an online video streaming platform or, more precisely, a website that can be used to make money by posting videos. When someone watches the videos you upload, Mdisk pays you money. Mdisk, like Pdisk, can be thought of as a YouTube alternative because we can generate money from Mdisk just as simply as we can via YouTube monetization. The important distinction to note is that YouTube requires you to meet certain conditions before you can earn money from it, whereas pdisk uses the eCPM scheme.

You can submit videos of any length or duration with Mdisk. However, unlike in the case of pdisk, no indication is made of whether the video is encrypted or not. Mdisk has a fast download, upload, and streaming speed, making it a safe and trustworthy option for customers. One advantage of mdisk over pdisk is that it has a fixed CPM and pays you according to it. Don’t worry, we’ll discuss about Mdisk CPM later in this post, so please keep reading. If you can’t read the entire text right now, you may bookmark our blog since making money online with mdisk will become more easier in the near future.

Each monetizing website has a certain payout rate which is required to know if their customer is legit and will continue to work with them on their platform. It is only after this minimum payout that you can get your earned money from that website. As we previously discussed about Pdisk Payout Rates today in this section of the post we will discuss about What is Mdisk Minimum Payout Rate. Mdisk CPM as we told in our previous post was $0.6 for every 1000 views. Mdisk Minimum Payout is in the form of views, don’t worry you will get the real money from disk in your bank account. The minimum payout for Mdisk is 10,000 views, following which you may apply for a withdrawal.

10,000 views equals $6, which is equal to INR 444.31 at the current exchange rate.

Multiply 6 by 75 or 74, depending on the exchange rate for $1 at the time of money withdrawal from Mdisk.

This was about Mdisk Minimum Payout Rate, now check if you have reached the minimum payout rate and if so then you are ready to withdraw money from Mdisk.

As you might be familiar that Mdisk does not operate its video file uploading, conversions and sharing on an online website like Pdisk, instead Mdisk all processes that are link generation, conversion, sharing is processed through Mdisk Telegram Bots. There are a total of two or three Mdisk Telegram Bots that are listed below, you can directly visit Mdisk Telegram bots by clicking their Telegram Links below.

Now as mdisk operates on Telegram therefore its withdrawal process is also carried out through Telegram App. To withdraw money from mdisk you can visit VideoToolFinanceBot from Mdisk where you can get the daily Links and views statistics as well ad the wallet. In wallet, you will get the amount of money you have earned till now from Mdisk. To withdraw money from mdisk you need to use this Mdisk Wallet feature of Mdisk Telegram Bot. However, first, you need to add your bank details to withdraw money from mdisk. Let me make you clear first that currently, you can only withdraw money from mdisk through a bank account. Previously PhonePe and Paytm UPI was also the Payment Method but now Mdisk Team has removed them and now the only mode of payment to withdraw money from Mdisk is Bank Transfer. However, if you are out of India then you can also withdraw from PayPal which was recently added to the Mdisk Withdrawal system.

Considering that after reading the above content about how to withdraw money from mdisk now you are aware that you need to add Bank Account to Mdisk Telegram Bot to withdraw money from Mdisk

To Add Bank Account to Withdraw money from Mdisk follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

  1. Launch your Telegram Application.
  2. Search for VideoToolFinanceBot on Telegram or you might already be having this mdisk bot set up.
  3. Withdraw Money from Mdisk

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