How to Add Money in Paytm | All the Methods to Add Money in Paytm Explained | Step by Step | 2022

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Paytm is the most widely used payment app in India. This is because it’s easy to understand interface and fast or instant payments. If you are not using Paytm then you can start using Paytm App by adding money in Paytm. After adding money in Paytm that money can be utilized to make payments online or offline to the merchants. Many users do not know How to Add Money in Paytm. Money can be easily added to Paytm Wallet, Paytm Debit Card or Paytm Payments Bank Account which further can be used to pay anywhere anytime. Today in this post titled , we will explain in detail How to Add Money in Paytm Wallet from Bank Account? How to Add Money in Paytm Wallet from Debit Card and How to Add Money in Paytm Wallet through Paytm Payments Bank. This is going to be an interesting as well as helpful post for you if you are a Paytm user so keep reading the post and follow the step-by-step procedure.


Paytm Wallet is a Digital RBI Approved Online Wallet that allows you to add and transfer money to your friends and families. Paytm wallet makes it very easy to pay as today cashless payments are accepted everywhere in the world. Also in this pandemic period where no one wants to use paper money to stay safe from deadly viruses, are using Paytm Wallet to Transfer Money or to make purchases. Paytm Wallet also allows you to keep a track of all Paytm transactions you made through Paytm Wallet each month. For a minimum KYC Paytm user, there is a limit of adding INR 10,000 to Paytm Wallet Monthly however, for Full KYC Paytm users the limit extends to INR 1 lakh per month. For more information about Paytm Wallet, you can check out our previous post which was about How to Transfer Money from Paytm Wallet to Bank Account Without any charges.

There are enormous benefits of using a Paytm Wallet some of which are listed below.

  1. Pay to wallet allows you to transfer money instantly anytime and anywhere across the country.
  2. There is no charge for maintaining a Paytm Wallet, also no fees for a low Paytm Wallet Balance.
  3. All the Payment information in Paytm Wallet is digitally encoded and is secure.
  4. Paytm Transactions can be made by scanning the QR Code or by adding a Mobile number.
  5. Paytm Wallet Transactions are made in a few seconds.
  6. Paytm do not charge any fees from Paytm Wallet user to use Paytm Digital Wallet.

RBI has made some rules for Digital Wallets that every payment app like Paytm needs to follow. There are restrictions made according to the KYC.

For non-KYC users, the monthly limit that can be added to Paytm Wallet is INR 10,000 and for Full KYC Paytm Users, the limit extends to INR 1,00,000.

There are various ways to add money in Paytm Wallet. For instance, you can add money in Paytm Wallet through your Bank Account or you can add money in Paytm Wallet through Debit Card or you can Add Money in Paytm through UPI, and so on. We will discuss all the methods to transfer or add money to pay. Wallet in this post so keep on reading this valuable article about How to add money in Paytm.

To add money in Paytm Wallet from a Bank account follow the step by step procedure mentioned below.

  1. Login to the Paytm application
  2. Read more about How to Add Money in Paytm.

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